603 Stories Podcast

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603 Stories – April 2023 – Perceptions and expectations

Transcript: Jace (he/him) Hello, and welcome back to 603 Stories, a mental health podcast made by young adults for young adults. I’m Jace. My pronouns are he, him, his and I’ll be one of your co-hosts today. Heather  (she/they) And I’m Heather. My pronouns are she and they and I am your other co-host on

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Inclusive Summer Camps for All! Cartoon children with smiling faces wear hats and carry backpacks

603 Stories – December 2022 – Inclusive Camps

Transcript: Jace Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the 603 Stories Podcast. I’m Jace, my pronouns are he him his, and I will be your host today. Just a reminder that the 603 Stories podcast, is a mental health podcast made by young adults for young adults, and as a reminder, I am not a

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Silhouette of one person holding out a hand to help another person stand with a large stack of schoolbooks and an apple in the background under the caption, Educator Mental Health

603 Stories – October 2022 – Educator Mental Health

Transcript: Jace  The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of NAMI New Hampshire or the organization’s funders. All individuals and personal experiences are different. Please connect with your primary care provider or a mental health professional to seek advice

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The 603 Stories Podcast is a project dedicated to young adults across the state of New Hampshire, created and produced by young adults.

603 Stories is about making connections, getting help, and finding hope. Young adults are often left out of these conversations due to their age and life experience, therefore they typically relate better with others in their age group.

This is the goal of the 603 Stories Podcast. We intend to give young adults a way to talk about their stories and experiences with others their age, making connections and finding hope for this vulnerable population.

The podcast is planned, written, produced, recorded, edited, and led by young adults aged 18 to 24.

Are you a young adult? Are you interested in helping with the 603 Stories Podcast?

Contact Jennifer Lindgren for more information.