Overworking is NOT the Same as Healing

Jace is smiling at the camera wearing a purple short with a collar and three buttons.

(*Content Note: suicide) NH Rapid Response is available 24/7 if you or someone you care about is having a mental health or substance use crisis. To connect, call/text 833-710-6477 or visit NH988.com.  If you are outside NH, please call/text 988.  Additional 24/7 support options can be found at https://www.naminh.org/crisis-lines/. I stood in the entrance with my hand still

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Pamela Mott’s Story

Pamela smiles widely at the camera, wearing a hat and coat, surrounded in a snowy field.

My name is Pamela Mott and I am a licensed mental health counselor in a small little town. I have four children and I am married. I experience an enormous amount of stress. I often feel that I should be able to save the world. My family lineage is riddled with the effects of serious

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Rose Muise’s Story

Rose stands at a microphone, in front of a projected image, giving a presentation.

I’m sorry I lost touch. I’m sorry I didn’t call, didn’t write, didn’t reach out, pushed you away, let connections fail. Sometimes I get paranoid. Worried. Anxious. Do you hold it against me? All the things I did, didn’t do, said, didn’t say, when I was sick. I’m sorry I wasn’t honest. With you, and

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Thomas Jimino’s Story

Thomas sits in his wheelchair, surrounded in green plants, holding a basket of tomatoes.

I don’t consider myself or my story all that special, but maybe there will be a little something in it that will touch someone enough to get them through just one more day….Just….One….More….Day…. That day when you feel so much emotional pain that you don’t think you’re gonna make it. When it takes all you’ve

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