Rose Muise’s Story

Rose stands at a microphone, in front of a projected image, giving a presentation.

I’m sorry I lost touch. I’m sorry I didn’t call, didn’t write, didn’t reach out, pushed you away, let connections fail. Sometimes I get paranoid. Worried. Anxious. Do you hold it against me? All the things I did, didn’t do, said, didn’t say, when I was sick. I’m sorry I wasn’t honest. With you, and

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Thomas Jimino’s Story

Thomas sits in his wheelchair, surrounded in green plants, holding a basket of tomatoes.

I don’t consider myself or my story all that special, but maybe there will be a little something in it that will touch someone enough to get them through just one more day….Just….One….More….Day…. That day when you feel so much emotional pain that you don’t think you’re gonna make it. When it takes all you’ve

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Tonia’s Story

Woman in a black shirt with a wood and fabric background

My name is Tonia, and this is my story. I always knew that I had something wrong with me, but I was not sure what it was. In 2008, I had my first relapse and I thought my world was over, but it wasn’t. I went to DHMC several times and even had ECT treatments,

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Tricia’s Story

Woman in a mask holding an I Walk sign for NAMIWalks NH

TW: suicide This year I have been hospitalized twice for my mental illness due to medical complications. At the time, I felt there was no hope and I would NEVER get better. I struggled with intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideations, and I struggled with just making it through the day. With the help of my

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Kelly’s Story

Woman holding a microphone. Kelly Ehrhart founding member of ABLE NH's Nashua Chapter

“I am Kelly E., and I live in New Hampshire. I have a serious mental illness and autism spectrum disorder. I am the President of People First of New Hampshire, a nonprofit organization led by people with disabilities that advocates for equal rights. I am a strong advocate and won a statewide advocacy award in

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Mitzi’s Story

Transcript: Hey everyone, my name is Mitzi Bachmann and I’m coming to you from over in Peterborough New Hampshire. I’m here to tell you a little bit about my experience living with mental illness and the successes that I’ve had in spite of it. Um, so for as far back as I can remember, all

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Karen’s Story

TW: suicidal ideation Transcript: Hi I’m Karen and I have PTSD and depression with psychotic features. That just means sometimes I have hallucinations or delusions with my depression. Early on in my journey I couldn’t understand how deeply my untreated mental illness could affect my life. Crazy, you betcha that didn’t mean I shouldn’t pull

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